THE HAYLEYS (And Brian)  

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Jo-Ann and Becky, THE HALEY SISTERS, were born and raised in West Yorkshire, in the village of Harden,

just outside Bingley. From a very early age they followed in their parents’ footsteps showing a strong interest in music, especially Country Music.

The Haley Sisters first appeared professionally back in 1989, when they launched themselves into a successful singing career.  Since then they have appeared at leading venues, festivals, theatres and clubs throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe, gaining massive popularity by virtue of their natural talent, dedication and down to earth personalities.

Here are just some of the many awards and accolades they have already received:-

1990 Most Promising New Act - British Country Music Association.

1990/91 Most Popular British Duo - Country Music Round-Up Paper.

1992 Top British Duo - British Country Music Association.

1993 Top British Duo - British Country Music Awards.

1993 Top British / Irish Duo or Band - Country Music People Awards.

1993 British / Irish Rising Stars - Country Music People Awards.

1994 Most Popular Group – Country Music Round Up

1995 Top Female Vocalist (Becky) - North Country Music Magazine

1996 Best Duo/Band - Great British Country Music Awards

1997 Best Band – Country Music Round Up

1998 Best Trio – North Country Music Magazine

1999 Best Band – British Country Music Awards

2000 Best Band – British Country Music Association

In June 1993 guitarist Brian Smith joined them, having previously worked in Nashville, Tennessee, on Crystal Gayle's “Three Good Reasons” album.  Jo-Ann, Becky and Brian are still performing as a trio today.

In 1997 the Haley Sisters recorded and funded their first album on their own independent record label :-

Comet Records”  

This album titled “The Angels Break Free” features an excellent selection of favourite contemporary country music songs.  Also featured is special guest, Brendon Croker from Notting Hillbillies, performing vocals on “Loving All Night”.  With superb harmonies and vocals from Jo-Ann and Becky, topped with some of the finest musicians on steel guitar, piano, keyboard, drums, violin and mandolin – PLEASE NOTE this album is no longer available at this time.

Their 2nd album titled “To Be With You Tonight” features 10 original songs written straight from the heart.  Not only talented as singers and musicians, this album shows their flair to write, produce and record their own brand of music to please everyone.






Phil’s story starts back in the good old 60s when he was influenced by some of the greatest singers such as Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Jim Reeves and George Jones.In 1966 with his friend Tony Freeman they became the Lloyd James duo, then a bass player, George Ashton, was added. The trio  worked the club scene for about two years. In 1968 Phil was then asked to join one of the best outfits, the Larry Hinchcliffe Trio,along with lead guitarist John McConnell. Phil has always paid tribute to Larry for all the useful tips he gave him. It was just after this that he worked for the first time with Ken Durrans on bass guitar,Charlie Currie on lead guitar, John Brady on pedal steel and Pete Tomlinson on drums.They became the Davisons. It wasn’t long after that he was asked to form his own band, the Phil Lloyd Sound. The other members being Jimmy Henderson on leadguitar, Mick Johns on bass and Fred Harris on drums.Three years later after that door closed another one opened when Phil was asked to

join the Collier Dixon Line, one of the best live bands at the time. The line up was Dennis Collier on lead guitar, Phil on bass,Barry Ward on rhythm and Johnny Young on drums. They worked together for over four years picking up many awards along the way. Phil left in 1976 with the birth of his daughter and wanted to spend some time at

home .He wasn’t at home long before three guys came to see him, they had been working with Doncaster based Jack Parks and the West Coast Sound and they now wanted him to front a new band. He didn’t know at the

time what an impact this new band was to have on him but Mustang was born. He knew this band was something special.Before long they were getting noticed. Phil believes their popularity was down to the type of music they were doing. Nobody was doing four-part harmony and they introduced the UK to bands like the Glaser Brothers, the Statler Brothers and of course the Gatlin Brothers. In 1979 this led to them winning the most coveted competition in the UK, the Marlborough Talent Competition with the final being held at the Wembley Festival over the Easter weekend. Winning the competition was a great experience.After one more change in the band, during the next four years they worked tirelessly and with some of the great names in Country music.One of the highlights of Phil’s career was being on tour with the Drifting Cowboys, Hank Williams’ original backing group. The stories they told him would, as they say, fill a book and also of course working with the great Merle Haggard. Just a few more to mention are Steve Young, Marvin Rainwater,Justin Tubb, Kenny Surratt and our very own Miki & Griff. Unfortunately due to financial problems in 1983 the band was forced to call it a day.It seems that every paragraph has a different band. No sooner had Mustang disbanded than another chance came along to work

with Ken Durrans and the Shackband was formed. For the next six years they worked like no other semi-pro band. Every band Phil had been in had always been special and being in Shackband was no different. It was a laugh from start to finish. Unfortunately it did finish because in 1989, due to personal problems and then suffering    a nervous  breakdown, Phil had to retire. For three years he was out of the business, then he met Carole and she changed his life around. She just said one day ‘why don’t you give Ken a ring and see if he wants to form a duo?’.Henceforth another paragraph and another outfit. That was back in 1993 and along came Phil& Ken. As most people know, they now work solo or as a duo. Whatever you ask for, you will be entertained, because that’s what they do, they enjoy ourselves while they do it. As he says every night, ‘we don’t come out to be miserable’.After over 40 years in the business you would think Phil had seen it all. Not likely,there are still things that make him smile and he hopes will make him smile for many years to come. People ask, ‘I bet you have many fans?’. He answers ‘I may well but what I do know is I’ve got many friends’. Phil just hopes he can keep on doing what he loves and hopes everyone will enjoy what he does. To all these people, he says thank you!


Chris Raddings was born in Leeds in November 1963. He currently hails from Harrogate,North Yorkshire where he lives with his wife Fiona and two sons Oliver and Alex and recent 2009 arrival baby Eleanor. He first picked up his older brother’s much neglected guitar at the age of 13 and was inspired to play after hearing the Shadows and their iconic instrumental, Apache. Chris caught the Country music bug early on after watching an

advertisement on television for the Johnny Cash album, Itchy Feet in the mid 1970s. Something about ‘that’ voice with its almost God-like presence, the twanging guitar and a pair of dancing cowboy boots really struck a chord. The purchase of said album and much pleading to his parents for a pair of cowboy boots soon followed.

Time was then spent working in America and the emergence of artists such as Steve Earle and Dwight Yoakam in the mid 1980s renewed Chris’ passion for Country music and inspired a growing confidence in his own

singing abilities, learning to play songs made famous by these artists. The new Country revival of the 1990s saw Chris take his first steps on the British Country music circuit. Although something of a late starter as a singer at 28, he found the positive response to his distinctive and authentic vocals  encouraging. Chris released his first cd, Watching You Go, in 1997 under the wing of his then high flying friends, the Cheap Seats. This

quality John Pettifer-produced affair received critical acclaim containing self penned material as well as quality originals from UK and Nashville based songwriters. Linedancer magazine issued an immediate five stars, hailing the album as the best debut by a British Country artist we have yet heard. Aside from occasional duties as a

session singer, Chris is also lucky enough to share his love for music in his daytime work. This involves running therapeutic music groups for the mental charity, Mind, in Harrogate and Ripon, as well as teaching music skills on a weekend to kids in care for Bradford Council’s fostering and adoption unit.In recent years Chris has really

come into his own as a solo artist performing at most of the major venues and festivals. His increased confidence and self belief, nurtured by a seemingly even more powerful and maturing voice, has seen Chris

really hit his stride of late, resulting in impressive self assured performances on the road. His recent British Country Music Award nomination for Male Vocalist of the Year may seem long awaited to some but somehow the recognition and timing feels just right this time around. Chris is looking to record a long overdue follow up to Watching You Go in the new year. This  time around, Chris is determined to stamp his credentials as a songwriter by using only self penned material and some interesting collaborations. So watch out 2010 and2011, this really could be the time when Chris Raddings finally makes his mark on the British Country music scene and beyond in a big way.

For bookings/enquiries contact

Chris on 01423 529992 /

07968 845833 or via email

[email protected]




Prior to 76, Jolene had been working as a solo artist, whilst Barry had played in various pop groups. They turned pro in 1976, forming their first group, a trio, later a 4 piece band,before becoming a duo in 1985.

In the early part of their career they appeared on many light entertainment shows for Scottish TV, Grampian TV and BBC Scotland, more recently they have guested on various country music radio programme, where their albums are regularly played.

Jolene & Barry have also toured extensively abroad, notably Switzerland, Holland, France, Cyprus, Spain, Portugal, and twice to USA, where they have worked with acts such as Don Williams, Roy Clarke, Hank Thompson and Boxcar Willie.

In the UK, they are a highly regarded live act and have been voted most popular act at country clubs as far apart as Elgin in the north of Scotland to Basingstoke in the south of England. They are also resident act on all Tony Best Leisure Events in the UK and also appear in Portugal for TBL.

In between their work at home and abroad as a duo, Jolene & Barry also find time to tour with their great friends Texas Gun and together they stage their highly popular 'Jocks Away Show'. Currently (2001) they have 4 albums available on CD (though in their career they have recorded 14 albums in total). Their new album 'Somewhere Between', produced and recorded at Texas Gun's studios in Ayrshire, has been critically acclaimed as their best album to date.